Crime: Petty Theft

Wanted Poster 8

Tai Shan Icon: A peculiar case this one is. Not as odd as last month I suppose, but regardless. This little one is a thief, but so far it's only been pocket change that's been taken. Maybe that's all it can actually take off with? We've had some trouble catching him because he's so tiny, so hopefully some of you will have better luck assisting us.

Species: Joltik
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Race: Aetherian
Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Nature: Quiet

Personality: A hoarder, it seems. The change he's stealing is in too small amounts to actually finance anything, so it's most likely he's stealing just to have. He is cunning and calculative, and seems to know his way in and out of the tiny cracks of the town that only he can use. Perhaps he has a hiding spot somewhere in town? Maybe you could find it if you can manage to follow him for long enough.

History: It sounds like this guy may have been a problem in the past, but a lot of people tend to either not notice the robbery or not care enough because it's such little amounts. We can't be too sure how long it's been though. Either way, we should put a stop to this before he goes any further, thinking there's no consequences.

Move Set:

Electroweb: The user spins a web of electrified silk to attack. Lowers speed of those who get caught.

Bug Bite: The user delivers a bite with insect mandibles that can chew up berries.

Thunder Wave: A weak jolt of electricity that interferes with the muscles and causes paralysis.

Energy Ball: A sphere of nature's power that is fired at a foe. May lower Sp. Def.

Non Required Information

Abilities: Compoundeyes - The design of this Pokemon's insect-like eyes grants better vision and much better accuracy.

Approximate Height: 4"