Crime: Disrupting the peace to a ridiculously stupid degree

Wanted Poster 7

Tai Shan Icon: a weird one. Do any of you know of something called "Poisson d'avril"? I don't, no one I've asked does, but apparently Skipper does. Yep, you heard, Skipper. The Marshtomp's gone overboard this time; at first he was just going around pulling light-hearted pranks - he was putting fish on 'mons backs... - but then things started to get out of hand when alcohol got involved, I tried to have a talk with him earlier to convince him to stop but I can't understand a word of his bloody pirate slurring. Look, jus- just stop him, alright? I don't like dealing with pirates.

Oh, I've been asked by a few of his friends in high places that he not be harmed, not seriously anyway, so keep that in mind when dealing with him. And get rid of that dumb outfit if you can!

Species: Marshtomp
Name: Skipper Adda-Something-or-other
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Race: Aetherian
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Nature: Rash

Personality: People likethis pirate for whatever reason, that reason is beyond me. He's loud, rash, overly cocky yet lacks any spine to stand up to any of dumb scrapes he's gotton himself into. Despite this, people say he's got a big heart - pirates aren't know for their hearts, disregard this fact.

History: Skipper moved to Aether around the time King Alaric and his original people arrived. He originally joined the royal navy but disbanded the moment he had the chance and turn to "modest piracy". He's been present for most, if not all, of the major events involving the Aetherian 'mons, and there's always something strange going on with him, but no one has any explanation to offer for these strange going-ons.

Move Set:

Water Gun: User shoots water out of their mouth at their opponent. They can do this continuously for up to twenty five seconds.

Take Down: User runs at their opponent and throws themselves on them forcing all of their weight on them. User receives a bit of damage from doing so.

Mud Bomb: User spits a large clump of mud at their opponent, blinding them for a short while.

Ice Ball: User freezes water into a tight ball and throws it at his opponent. User is able to make bigger balls after they has thrown one before it; however, they cannot make the ball more than five times it original size.

Ice Punch: User coats their arm in a tough gantlet of ice and punches their foe; can sometimes freeze the foe.

Wide Guard: User protects themselves and their allies from all attacks; they cannot continue to use this move for long and it becomes more likely to the fail the more they uses it.

Non Required Information

Abilities: Torrent - raises water type moves when user is suffering

Approximate Height: 2'04