Crime: Scamming

Wanted Poster 6

Tai Shan Icon: We've received numerous reports that this psychic has been running a phony fortune telling business, giving out false predictions and tricking citizens into coming back to buy more. While I suppose it's a little hard to regulate a non-tangible good such as this, at the very least false advertising isn't something that needs to be continuing. People claim her shop is set up on the edge of the forest outside town...

Species: Gothitelle
Name: Madam Esméralda
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Race: Aether
Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning
Nature: Calm

Personality: Sly and quick with her wits. Her entire business relied on her convincing what she said was true, so she's a very quick thinker and is extremely skilled in sounding convincing. She doesn't let much faze her, and it can be difficult to determine exactly what she's thinking and feeling, which makes it difficult to predict. She can actually see the future in limited amounts herself; however, so she can predict your movements quite well.

History: A long time resident of Aether who made a business out of her species ability to see the future in the stars. According to the reports received, the first few predictions are spot on, to hook new customers. However, after that, they seem to be twisted ever so slightly so the person experiences some bad luck and is forced to come back in an attempt to guide themselves away. It seems only a few have caught onto this ruse, but none of them has figured out how to stop her.

Move Set:

Future Sight - A predicted attack that will strike a foe sometime later.

Miracle Eye - The user trains its psychic powers into a second sight, enabling it to use Psychic attacks on Dark types and to aim at evasive foes.

Foul Play - The user turns its attacker's power against it. The larger the gap in attack strength between the user and the foe, the more damage the attack does.

Telekinesis - The user levitates things or a foe in the air, making movement difficult.

Reflect - A magical barrier is thrown up to shield against attacks.

Signal Beam - A beam of sinister light that not only hurts, it may daze and confuse the foe.

Non Required Information


Frisk - The Pokemon can sense any items being carried by others around her.

Competitive - Any stat lose caused to this Pokemon triggers a great increase of Special Attack.

Approximate Height: 5'2"