Crime: Murder

Wanted Poster 5

Tai Shan Serious: HIGH ALERT! This scum has performed a most heinous of actions, the killing of an innocent citizen! He must be stopped at all costs before he strikes again! Dead or alive!

Species: Mega Glalie
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Race: Naklin Tribes
Characteristic: Hates to Lose
Nature: Adamant

Personality: Highly aggressive. This criminal knows he's going down, and is not going to hold anything back to get away. Has no value on a Pokemon life; has killed before and could do so again, so be very cautious. If you get caught by a Sheer Cold and aren't treated by professionals immediately, it could be your end.

History: A wanted criminal from where he hails; escaped from their prison and fled. The first time he popped onto the radar, it was for crimes, and he has stayed there ever since. How he has managed to make it all the way to our fair land, I haven't a clue, but his reign must be stopped.

Move Set:

Sheer Cold - A burst of ice so cold, it can freeze anything. If it lands, it's a one hit KO.

Crunch - The user chomps a foe with great force, possibly lowering defense.

Freeze Dry - A harsh, bone-chilling gale that dries up moisture, making it super effective on water types.

Frustration - A menacing flail attack that grows stronger the angrier the user becomes.

Rollout - The user rolls it's body at a target at high speeds. The longer the attack continues, the greater the speed and power.

Iron Head - The user smashes its head against the foe with the hardness of metal. ,Ay cause flinching.

Non Required Information

Refrigerate - The Pokemon's body lets off a chilling aura that turns normal moves to ice, increasing their power by 30%.

Approximate Height: 7'2"