Wanted Poster 4

Crime: Hindrance of Export and Importation

Tai Shan Icon: This little imp has been hiding out around the docks. She changes the weather on a whim, turning it completely around within seconds. Boats have been unable to leave or enter port without fear of the weather suddenly altering and causing them to crash. We need her out so that these vessels can continue their duties.

Species: Castform
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Chanyu
Characteristic: Mischievous
Nature: Naughty

Personality: Seems to enjoy causing chaos and trouble wherever she goes. She treats her misbehavior all as a joke and finds it funny to see the distress her 'pranks' cause. In her mind, she's not causing any major issues and it isn't a big deal. Reports state that she hasn't started any fights, but is more than willing to put one up if someone attempts an arrest. With her ability combined with her weather changing prowess, she makes a pretty tricky adversary; capable of swapping types and attack types to counter those challenging her.

History: Not much can be said for sure about this miscreant's past. Castform in of themselves are a fairly large mystery, and not many ever pop up. We believe this one to be of Chanyu tribesmen decent; however, based on a few hardly noticeable physical attributes. We should be able to confirm this once we have custody. As of now, we are unsure of how this Castform came to be and why it has chosen to be hostile towards our country's vessels.

Move Set:

Weather Ball - A move that changes its type and raises in power in different weather conditions.

Sunny Day - The user sends a flare into the sky, changing the weather to bright sunlight.

Rain Dance - The user does a little shimmy that summons clouds to change the weather to rain.

Hail - The user releases a burst of frigid air into the clouds to freeze precipitation and change the weather to hail.

Sandstorm - The user whips up a cloud of harshly raging sand that changes the weather to sandstorms.

Ominous Wind - A ghastly gale is blown through the target. May rarely heighten all the stats of the user.

Non Required Information


Forecast - The Pokemon changes forms and types in certain weather conditions; rain, sun, and hail.

Approximate Height: 8"