Wanted Poster 3

Crime: Vandalism

Species: Kecleon
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Artiphron
Characteristic: Alert to Sounds
Nature: Impish

Extremely sneaky and quite flighty. All current reports seem to suggest that, while she's been doing these graffitis for thrills, she has remained paranoid during all of her sprees, making her alert and difficult to get a drop on. Will most likely flee first, using attacks only to get away and only putting up a fight when cornered. She doesn't seem to be too strong, so the most difficult part will be finding and preventing escape. An important side note: her graffiti always seems to come in the form of a red, zigzagging line. While easy to identify, it hides her own stripe when she camouflages against it, making her virtually invisible.

Intel from our neighbors in Artiphron tells us our suspect comes from a family of scholars and philosophers. We think she may have fallen into a bad crowd, but regardless if that is the case, she did apparently begin to vandalize for fun. Her parents put a stop to it at one point, but it seems as though she fell back into it. However, when confronted with a harsher consequence, she fled to our nearby country to hide. We've been instructed that if we can capture her, we should hold her for a small time so she can see what will happen of she continues -a little tough love if you will- then release her back to her family. 

Move Set:

Fake Out - A surprising outburst of an attack that moves at a greater speed than most other attacks. Will always cause flinching, but only works at the beginning of a confrontation when a foe doesn't expect it coming.

Shadow Sneak - The user slips into the shadows to sneak around a foe and deliver a shady punch at high speeds.

Grass Knot - A web of grass ensnares a foe's foot, tripping it up and causing damage based in how heavy they are.

Camouflage - The user blends into the background, altering its type based on the type of terrain it disguises as.

Iron Tail - A bashing attack with a tail hardened like metal. It can lower the foe's Defense.

Screech - The user looses a harsh  ear-splitting noise that harshly lowers Defense.

Non Required Information


Color Change - The Pokemon's type becomes the type of the last move to strike it.

Protean - The Pokemon's type becomes that of the move it's using.

Approximate Height: 2'9"