October Wanted Poster


Tai Shan Happy: Hello, yes, welcome all you law-abiding citizens of Aether!

Tai Shan Serious: At least, I would hope you all are staying within the law...

Tai Shan Icon: Ahem. I suppose I should go ahead and introduce myself first. I am Tai Shan. King Alaric has recently welcomed me into your wonderful kingdom to be the warden of the dungeons where apprehended criminals are kept. I must say, it was a tad disorganized when I arrived; people thrown willy-nilly in whatever cell was convenient and almost no paper work!

Tai Shan Happy: Well, that's what I'm here for I suppose! I take great pride in discovering the truth, delivering justice to those that need it, and running a tidy ship!

Tai Shan Icon: Well, I'm not just here to introduce myself; after all, you could always just check in the king's official records if you wanted to know more about me. I'm here for a more serious reason.

Tai Shan Serious: While this town seems to be mostly full of good people, there's always going to be the ruffian or two running about. My crew can only handle so much, and I don't have much manpower to loan out of the dungeon guards to search for and apprehend suspects. So, I'm asking for your help. Starting now, I'll be releasing a wanted poster on the first of every month on the behest board, and I ask for the cooperation of you citizens to bring them to justice! We can never be sure what kind of scum we'll drag in, so the wanted crimes could range from petty theft to a gang, looting, or perhaps even darker...

Tai Shan Icon: Of course, you won't go without compensation. Heart Scales will be awaiting you if I'm handed a successful bounty! The amount can fluctuate depending on the type of criminal; 1 fragment for a small time pickpockets and the like, and 2 for bigger things like looters and kidnappings. I might even offer a full scale if we ever get something as terrible as a murder or something... And perhaps you might get a small Cressent or item voucher reward from a store owner grateful of the return of their stock.

Tai Shan Serious: You will be able to see the wanted posters on top of the behest board from now on, but since I'm here, I might as well introduce you to this month's criminal.

October Wanted Poster

Tai Shan Serious: We aren't aware of his name at the moment, but it shouldn't be too hard to recognize him. This Ursuaring is from one of the nearby Gailamir vandal tribes and has a small amount of leather pad-armor like you can see on his shoulder. He's reported to be very aggressive, and will attack you with either a flail or his very sharp claws should you attempt anything with him.

Tai Shan Happy: More information can be found on the poster itself, so I will leave you to read. I thank you all for assisting the cause of justice!