Tullius Serious

Name: Swoobat

Title: Son of Aetius (Ceasar of Voluntas)

Nation: Voluntas

Species: *Swoobat*

Age: 22

Birthday: -

Characteristic: Highly Curious

Nature: Bold

Move Set:

  • Psychic
  • Sword Dance
  • Gust
  • Steel Wing


Mother: ??? (Deceased)

Father: Aetius

Betrothed: Rose

He tends to be rather arrogant and much too bold for his own good. Despite these most noticeable aspects in his personality, he is strong and caring when it comes to his country and the people he cares about. He has managed to prove himself a strong warrior in the field, although he is still young, with much to learn before he can properly live up to his tittle.


First born son of the Voluntian Emperor. From birth he had always had a knack for getting into trouble. His fearless nature and overly curious mentality made him quite a difficult child to raise, though as he grew he proved to be loyal and strong.

As the first in line to be the next emperor he was often brought along with his father to the many meetings he had with the king of their neighboring kingdom, Gailamir. These meetings were dinners held to keep the peace between their two kingdoms due to their past rivalries. There, Tullius would often meet with the other king’s only daughter, Rosamir. The two were very close, despite their family’s cold relationship.

Sometime after the recent events in Gailamir that led to the banishment of all Voluntians, Tullius mysteriously left.


Mission 5: The Mad King