Gaius Happy: Ah, welcome seekers of knowledge! Welcome to the Library! It is here that we will keep any stories you have gathered from abroad. If you discover a tale you think is worth writing down and sharing, please do so!

We aren't overly picky about what genre we accept either. Things I will accept include, but are not limited to:

  • Scientific journals on rocks, plants and animals found in other lands
  • Historical writings on an important person, people group or event
  • Legends, myths and folk tales
  • Craft books, cook books, or how to books relating to things within our world
  • Other writings you think worthy of sharing

The library is not, however, a place to put your biography. If you feel your family was very important and wish to write their history, I might reconsider, but this is a place for educational writings on our new world, not us members!

All additions to the library will go through me or an assistant of mine. We will be your personal editors and critics! But don't worry, we are friendly folk who only wish to encourage your love of learning!

I hope you greatly enjoy perusing the shelves. Hopefully you will find something to your fancy! Just, please don't make a mess of things...



The Landstradrus Tribe: A Guide
Kamiki Village: A Guide
The Tortrombdo Tribe: A Guide
The Port of Albia: A Guide
A Guide to Mallorca
A Guide to Ísland
A Guide to Alto Mare
PoA Galeford Description
PoA - The Camlaan Gypsies
Cristal Tribe Guide Book
New Tarvek
Pokemon-of-Avalon: Faversholm Description
The Thundundra Tribe: A Guide
The Wosret Tribe: A Tribal Handbook
The Pelaruna Tribe: A Guide - Pokemon of Avalon
The Jeblana Tribe: A Guide
Shinwa Village: A Basic Guide
A Guide to the Nizhoni Rapache
The Karbliew Dragons
A Guide to Genova
Guide to the Wakuwa Tribe
PoA: An In-depth Guide to Colsspeik
PoA City Guide: Alexandria, Khetmaat
PoA Library: Dal Meid
Factbook: Heliopolis
PoA - The Harenzi Kingdom description
A Guide to the City of Souls
The Lokahi Tribe ll Pokemon Avalon

Folktales and MythsEdit

EGT: The Best Archer the World Has Ever Know
Pokemon of Avalon: Sailor's Tales: Davy Jones
Pokemon of Avalon: Sailor's Tales: Flying Dutchman

Songs and PoemsEdit

Loving Shadow
The Lonely Sneasel
Silent Sneasel
Let Me Tell You



Plays and PantomimesEdit

Parfait Parfait