Standing at 3 meters (9'8" feet) tall, this ancient Tauros has been the guardian of the Labyrinth since it was first made by Uxie themselves. He has guarded the Labyrinth all his life and will continue to do so until he dies - though given how long he has lived thus far, it is questionable whether he will ever die. This hulking beast, while not the brightest creature alive, is gifted with immense strength like no other on this earth; he is so strong that he can break the hardest of objects, even if they seem unbreakable.

Mission 1:Edit

After making their way through the many puzzles of the Labyrinth, the citizens of Aether were forced into close-quarters with the Minotauros in an octagon-shaped room. In order for the citizens to reach the final puzzle and prove themselves worthy of the Crest of Wisdom, they needed to break eight targets that were around the room so that a slide puzzle would be releaved to them for them to complete; the only problem was that said targets were practically unbreakale.

Realizing that the Minotauros was strong enough to the break these target, the citizen of Aether clevery use different trick and tactics to have the Minotauros break the eight targets. Once they were all broken, the slide puzzle was ready to be completed and a gate where the puzzle was opened for them to enter as well as close behind them so that the Minotauros could not attack them while they solved the slide puzzle. Once the gate was closed, the Minotauros could do nothing to the citizens of Aether.