Pythia Icon

Name: Pythia

Title: Oracle of Artiphron

Nation: Artiphron

Species: Espurr

Age: ??? (She seems young, but no one can get an age from her)

Birthday: July 13th

Characteristic: Often Lost in Thought

Nature: Calm

Move Set:

Psychic ~ Yawn

Dream Eater ~ Disarming Voice


Pythia (Πυθία) is the Oracle of Artiphron . She works for King Pausanius , translating his prophetic visions, as well as making prophecies of her own. She has a direct connection with Uxie the Wise.


Pythia is the epitome of cryptic. She often spends her time lost in her own little world, deep in contemplation of the past or the future. You often find her in the temple, an ethereal, blank look on her face. When she gets like this, it’s hard to get her attention, like a trance or a deep sleep. She tends to speak only in riddles, especially when she’s receiving a vision from Uxie, but will try to clarify if asked once or twice. It might take a few times, though...


Pythia was born with the gift of prophecy, a gift from Uxie the Wise. She was kept and raised in the temple of Uxie her whole life. Pausanius hired her as soon as he heard of her abilities, since he was also familiar with visions and prophecy.