Nimue’s magical abilities are strong, being able to do things impossible without assistance from the arcane. However, she has learned that “witchcraft” is frowned upon and shunned by many She’s been chased off, even threatened with death because of her practice of it. She likes seclusion and quiet and isn’t the most sociable. She doesn’t like calling herself a witch, preferring titles like mage or magician.

She has a strong bond with the lands of Aether and wishes to keep them filled with energy. Despite not speaking much, she is strong and independent, not able to be shaken easily. Though she is rather pessimistic, she also finds solutions to problems with her sharp mind.


Separated from her parents at a young age, Nimue grew up working as a servant in Aether castle about 1000 years ago. She became interested in the magic of fae and followed the crown prince’s grandmother when she and the followers of Darkrai left Aether prior to its destruction, to Nizhoni, where the lady she followed became this new Tribe’s leader until her death.

Nimue returned to Aether after that, where she would meet her teacher, a coven witch, attracted by the spiritual energy of the capital. They would take Nimue with them and teach her the secrets of the arcane. Nimue would learn her potential could stem from her heritage, as it could be traced back to the magician’s covens. After departing from her teacher Nimue returned to Aether, feeling a strong pull from the land and wishing to see if she could aid it in some way.

Upon the arrival of the people left shipwrecked upon the country’s shores, she decided to remain hidden to observe these newcomers and their intent. Once these unusual Pokemon finally made peace with the spirits of the past, she decided to reveal herself to them. Offering some services, like the ability to locate mega stones using a keystone and the pokemon’s energy.

Nimue is able to use magic to do a variety of other things as well, however doesn't wish to demonstrate nor explain the inner workings of the arcane arts, she warns that magic should not be missused and it would be foolish to assume those who knew more of it would not recklessly attempt to preform such feats themselves, endagering themselves and those around them.


- Mission 2: Nimue returned to Aether to aid the descendants of her people when they threatened to succumb to a mysterious illness. After the mission she stayed in Aether and became the court magician.