Loving Shadow

Music slowly fades in as the sounds of tweeting birds echo on the winds.

However, once this went on for about 10 seconds, a figure appears before us...

We can't make her out all too clearly, save for her bright blue eyes, that shone brightly with the wisdom of time.

There you are!

I waited for you...

For such a very long time!

Oh my, you really grown haven't you my dearrrr grandson?

I love you my shining light!

But now we've lost so much time!

We really must speak again my dear Daliassss right now!

I am sooooooooooo happy!

You're alive and we're together again!

I misssssssed you so very much now!

I'll never let you go...again!

The music then fades out, as the figure hugs a young Sneasel close to her chest, while they both cry their eyes out.

Poem written by: DR2334
Original post: Loving Shadow