Katsumi Icon

Name: Katsumi

Title: Shogun of Sazanami

Nation: Sazanami

Species: Shiny Infernape

Age: 35

Characteristic: Hates to lose

Nature: Adamant


Unknown at this time.

Katsumi (かつみ) is a shiny Infernape who is the shogun of Sazanami. At the moment, she's much too busy running her country to be more involved in the storyline...for now.


Unlike what would appear to be the obvious, Katsumi is actually very good at keeping her temper in check and presenting herself as calm and level-headed...except when she's not. The recent stresses of the citizens of Sazanami blaming her for the Great God Ryujin's disappearance as well as other samurai houses attempting to claim her title of Shogun, however, have made it so that she has very little patience for when bad things happen, and her temper can explode as a result. She's also very suspicious of outsiders, as their influence and teachings can easily undermine her own authority that she fought so hard for, and if she had her way, she'd personally kick them all out of the country herself...


Katsumi might have been next in line to inherit the title of Shogun, but since her father himself had to fight the warring samurai in order to unite the country, he wanted to make sure his daughter was up for the task too. Luckily, she passed all the tests of physical prowess he threw at her (such as defeating like 100 samurai in a row), and he even taught her the tactics he used to help win back in his day; most notably, the virtue of patience and waiting for the right times before acting. At the age of 15, which is the age of majority in Sazanami, she received the title and proceeded to rule Sazanami for the next 20 years after that. Her father's training proved useful as she weathered through many power struggles, assassination attempts, and more.

Currently, she's dealing with the largest threat she's ever had to face; the people of Sazanami blaming her for Great God Ryujin's sudden disappearance and the warlords who are out to try and exploit this fact over her. Since she is an assassination target at the moment, she cannot leave the capital city; however, she still wants to see if she can get the foreigners out of the country at all costs lest they accidentally help out here enemies. She's doing everything she can to weather out this challenge, for sure.

Missions and EventsEdit

In Mission 3, she had to deal with much political infighting and strife as a result of the fact that the storms had been getting stronger in the country, including accusations that she was causing it even though she wasn't. And when lots of people from Aether came in, she got so suspicious that she sent her guards after them all, trying to find some way to reassert her authority.