Guinevere is the court physician for Alaric. She was created by SirNorm.

Emoticon normal guinevere by sirnorm-d6jzomd

Name: Guinevere

Title: Court Physician

Nation: Aether

Species: Meganium

Age: 40

Birthday: February 5th

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits.

Nature: Lax

Move Set:

Synthesis ~ Heal Pulse

Energy Ball ~ Petal Dance

Earthquake ~ Outrage


Guinevere loves to look after sick or injured Pokemon, with her assistant, Morgana . She can be bossy sometimes when doing her job, and will not let any sick or injured pokemon out of the infirmary untill they are cured or healed. It's best to leave her to any sickness or injury. She can get them back up in a jiffy! But don't provoke her; she gets angry pretty easily.

Other than that, when she's not doing her job, she is very friendly towards any other people. She really loves flowers and tends to hang out where most flowers are usually are, sniffing them. If you give her flowers, she will gladly become friends with you! Guinevere is also usually spotted around with other nurses around. She is in charge of them, after all. 


When Guinevere was a young Bayleef, she stumbled upon an unknown castle. King Alaric was also a young Servine, and he welcomed her to the castle. Immediately, she noticed that there were no healers. She insisted that she wanted to become a court physician and help out any poor pokemon that gets hurt. King Alaric was very happy with that, and after much training with her Slowbro friend, she learned Heal pulse and was able to help with any injured pokemon.

After the terrible incident that had happened in the Adonai, Guinevere healed and helped any injured Pokemon that got hurt on the ship that held refugees. The Meganium encouraged King Alaric and some other Pokemon to keep moving and that everything would be alright, even if it seems like there was no chance of survival. Her scarf got ripped a little and is now a little shorter than before, since she has been trapped in the ruins of the castle before she gotten onto the ship with the rest. She is still now a court physician and helping out other poor Pokemon.