Dmitri Anada Take 1

Name: Dmitri Anada

Race: Voluntas (Rome)

Residence: Aether

Species: Zangoose

Age: 25

Birthday: December 10th

Characteristic: Good Perseverance

Nature: Adamant

Move Set:

Shadow Claw ~ Brick Break

Metal Claw ~ Fire Punch


Father: Hector (Zangoose)

Mother: Zelda (Lucario)

Dmitri Anada is a Zangoose from Voluntas. He is a blacksmith living in the kingdom of Aether, and is a character created by 7Demented.


Dmitri is very kind to others, helping out other Pokemon in any way he can, even through discreet methods. He is truly loyal to his friends, never forsaking their trust in him (too much). Sometimes he becomes like a therapist to his fellow residents. He almost always has a smile on his face. Despite being a blacksmith by trade, he's a philosopher at heart, and usually spends his time thinking of ways weapons and tools could be improved; incidentally he has a whole stack of blueprints of his ideas in his shop. He is very deliberate in his work, scrutinizing each detail and allowing no distractions from the outside world to deter him. However, this can cause him to lose track of current events of the town and important news.

History Before ArrivalEdit

Dmitri was raised between different perspectives of life. His father was a warrior of the old town he lived in, and his mother was a well-known scholar. Some days he spent with his father training in battle skills; other days his mother taught him various things about the world around them. This intrigued Dmitri, and as a child he often drew up maps of supposed far away lands and and rough diagrams of their foretold artifacts. The parents often debated what path the young Zangoose should take in his life. It saddened him they fought so much, he couldn't understand why they argued anyway.

Dmitri accepted an apprenticeship of a blacksmith at age 16 and worked as that until he was 20. After finishing his apprenticeship, he received his first job; it was a confusing one, but nonetheless Dmitri began working on it. It took several weeks to complete. The actual order itself was odd, it had to be delivered in pieces for some reason. Dmitri set out to deliver the items, only to be caught in a ferocious storm, and to make matters worse, ambushed by bandits. He defended himself well, but the items that were to be delivered were taken. Heartbroken, Dmitri thought he couldn't return empty-handed to his home village, so he began to wander into the world. Soon he stumbled upon the town of Aether. Desperate to start over, Dmitri quickly applied to become a citizen of the town, hoping for a chance to redeem his failure.

History After ArrivalEdit

Nothing so far.