Aiko Lythrum

Name: Aiko Lythrum "Aoi Burumun"

Race: Nizhoni (Native American)

Residence: Aether

Species: Igglybuff

Age: 20

Birthday: May 9th

Characteristic: Hates to Lose

Nature: Brave

Move Set:

Hidden Power (Water) ~ Psychic


Father: Lune Lythrum (Wigglytuff)

Mother: Amari Lythrum (Audino)

Aiko Lythrum is an Igglybuff from one of the known Nizhoni tribes. She is a potter living in the kingdom of Aether, and is a character created by learn2chillax.


Aiko is a Igglybuff that is brave isn't one to give up easily, and likes to achieve new challenges. She tends to hide her to true feelings towards other people by mainly letting her brave, determined side show. Aiko isn't one to give up easily, in fact, it's pretty rare to see her give up at something. Aiko's also sorta anti-social by the way she was raised, also pretty stubborn.

History Before ArrivalEdit

Unknown at this time.

History After ArrivalEdit

Aiko encountered a mysterious disease that's been effecting fairy type Pokemon but that didn't stop her; Aiko also made a friend, Yuki the Trapinch who assisted her in the time of need during this mysterious disease. On Aiko's first Market Day, she and Yuki manages to sell some items and make a satisfied profit over them. During the following month they completed 2 Behests and met and made a new friend Roy the Ditto.